Home Care Business

From caring for houseplants to picking up prescriptions, caregivers provide a variety of services for those who lack the mobility needed to get from their home or community. While caregivers who provide medical care must be licensed, those performing non-medical assistance do not. If you are particularly sympathetic to the struggles that many older adults face, you may be considering starting a home based nursing care business for the elderly.

How to Start a Home Care Business

Great Promise in Starting a Non-Medical Home Care Business

Start your home care business by deciding what services to offer. If providing medical services, those providing the services will need to be licensed. Also, you will need to implement a training program that addresses each service your caregivers will provide and a system for matching the appropriate caregiver to each client. In addition to providing physical assistance, caregivers may provide companionship, conduct minor home repairs or maintenance, assist with entertaining, cook, escort, grocery shop and mail or handle personal or financial documents.

Get Licensed

To start this business, you’ll need to register your business and contact your state’s health department to learn what, if any, additional licenses or permits you will need. If employing medical caregivers, get listed as a Medicare approved agency.


Hire Qualified Applicants

Implement a screening process for potential candidates. Your caregivers must be trustworthy, outgoing, capable and compassionate. Establish your criteria and develop a guide to use during the interview process to ensure that you hire capable applicants. Hire a background screening company to screen potential candidates. Hire a supervisor to observe the home caregivers from time to time and ensure that clients are receiving quality care.

Get Insured

Purchase business liability insurance, workers’ compensation, and bonding coverage. Due to the special nature of your business, consult with a lawyer to ensure that you have covered your tracks and addressed all potential liability issues.

Market Your Home Care Agency

Market Your Home Care Agency

Design a website and brochures that detail the care services you provide, your commitment to screening all applicants, why you chose to work in the industry and your respect for discretion. Design service contracts that detail the prices, hours, services rendered and length of duty. Ensure that your home providers and clients understand the contracts. Then get your business started by contacting doctor’s offices, hospitals, and clinics about leaving brochures. Submit your nursing care business to industry magazines or those targeted at senior citizens. Meet with homeowners in your service radius and get involved in your community.