Shure SE425-CL Review

When it comes to choosing the right pair of headsets, it has always been one difficult task. A wrong headset can make life difficult for you, and if you are looking for the a Guide on best motorcycle bluetooth headset for music, you sure know that you can make no mistake in choosing the right one and Ironhorsetrading reviewed this topic and they have added Shure SE425 as one of their top 5 Motorcycle Headphone of Choice.

To make everyday riding hassle free, you need the right headphone – and does the all new Shure SE425-CL deliver on that front?

Sure, it brings you exciting features but does it live up to the hype?

In this Shure SE425-CL review, we will take a look at it below.

Shure Headphone

Things to Consider Before Buying Bluetooth headphones for Motorcycle


So, what is it that you should look for in Bluetooth headphones for motorcycle helmet headset for music? Let’s take a look.


  • How long does the battery last?
  • How long would you ride with the helmet on?
  • Can you communicate with other riders?
  • Can you receive calls?
  • How good is the sound?


Presenting the Product


Designed for working with anything and everything from the iPod to the iPhone, you would love this product from Shure for everything from its delightful colors – clear or metallic silver – to its balanced and accurate sound. Shure has focused on user comfort with this model, offering a good many accessories and earbud right with the package. The dual high definition MicroDrivers is just a piece of the cake, and it seems there are a good many changes to this model.


You would love the Shure SE425 if you love riding and are looking for Bluetooth headphones for motorcycle helmet headset for music. With its formable wire, it won’t fall from your ear easily.


Shure SE425

Features and Benefits


Let us take a look at some of the features and benefits of this Bluetooth headphone for motorcycle helmet headset for music.



Build and design performance:


When it comes to looks the new Shure SE425-CL may not be appealing to one and all. Adopting a pro-styled in-ear monitor configuration, the headset has its cable passing from the up of your back finally splitting behind your ear. This setting is secured in a place with a cable slider and resilient wire that helps to insert the mold to the ear shape.


Although not universally attractive in looks its design has been made such that it cent percent stands on its purpose. Thus, I would highly recommend this to you.


Sound quality:


When it comes to sound, it is a star performer. With immersive and energetic sound, it will readily blow your mind off. The earphones offer you with high definition dual micro drivers, with tweeter and woofer offering you clarity and balanced frequencies. I have played Taylor Swift’s Today was a fairytale and the audio was just outstanding. I could hear each and note the song.


However, what is to be remembered is that it does not have that high-end output quality when it comes to bass. So bass seekers might feel it be a little disturbing at their end. Perhaps it is not the best option for them.


Its sound quality is definitely one of the USPs of the product.


Noise-cancellation technology:


The new Shure SE425-CL offers an extremely efficient noise cancellation support for immersive music experience. You can find that there are total eight number of sound isolating sleeves: small, medium, and large all found in soft flex sleeves, foam sleeves, triple flange sleeves and universal fit yellow foam sleeves.

Here, the foam sleeves are targeted to be compressed before finally putting them in the ear so as when they get inside they expand and form a tight yet cozy perfect fit. These sleeves are capacitated such that they are able to block up to 37db of ambient noise. In addition to these more, you can find is a ¼” adapter and a hard carrying case inside the pack.

The noise cancellation system of this product is a just tremendously high end one – I would surely recommend it to all the music enthusiasts.


Mic performance:


The mic performance of the model may not be very remarkable but is surely not to avoid speaking off. The model comes with a model where it two options to choose from, a mic and a 3 button remote. Although the mic significantly does well it does have its own shortcomings. I have experienced many times an automatic audio mute while speaking over Skype sometimes.


Honestly, we could have had a better performance here. Guess it’s a miss for Shure in the Mic department.

  SE425-CL Headphones

Battery life:


When it comes to battery life, although the Shure SE425-CL claims to render a good service, did not work very well for me. When fully charged, I had my headset beeping with an alert tone of low battery only in a period of 6 hours 24 minutes of time. Competent and rival products of this product significantly provide much better battery life that almost ranges to 12 hours of time giving better responses on this factor.


I have expected the battery life to be just a little better than what I found it to be.




If you are thinking of trying out other products in a similar range, in your search of Bluetooth headphones for motorcycle helmet headset for music, here are a few.


Brainwavz M5 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones – It’s costly but you will fall in love with the metal housing. And add to it the sound effects – you sure have a clear winner.


Brainwavz B100 Balanced Armature Reference Monitor Earphones – Offers everything from balanced armature technology to an ergonomic design for better fit. And did we talk about the stunning sound? It’s one you will love to check out!


Shure SE215SPE-B-BT1 Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones – You would love the enhanced bass with this one, and the three buttons remote and mic can make your rides safer.

Before the final verdict here is a quick recap of its major pros and cons.

Shure SE425-CL Headphones 


  • Dynamic performance Lacks quality of universal looks
  • Immersive audio quality Lacks competitive bass




While the new launch of Shure does not comprise of any wow factor with it, you can still rely on its powerful sound quality and a considerably good overall performance. Although it lacks that bright luster of its exterior looks, it can fairly be proving a good option while you consider the functionality of a wireless Bluetooth headset. You might like to consider this product especially when you require satisfying motorcycle headsets however at a budget price.